Monday, July 26, 2010

I may have Breast Cancer, but I am not all about the Pink

It's ironic to me that tonight I logged on to post on a topic and in my introduction I see some of the things I am thinking about. And that is, I am NOT extraordinary. Every where I look anymore the pink ribbon for breast cancer stares me in the face. Quite frankly, it doesn't push me to act... it irritates me.  I have breast cancer. Yes, it was traumatic, painful, and even down right humbling to deal with. Yes, I found that I had more strength within myself then I ever thought possible but it wasn't something I was conscious of. I didn't go into surgery and months and months of treatments thinking about it.  I went into it because the alternative was unacceptable to me. The choice was clear... live or die.  That does not make me a hero.  That does not make me courageous or more worthy of admiration than any other person fighting for their life. So why the big to do about the pink ribbon and breast cancer? Why does breast cancer get so much more publicity than other cancers? Now don't get me wrong... I do appreciate all the support and love from my family and friends.  But I just can't understand why.  My mom died of ovarian cancer last fall. My best friend lost her dad to pancreatic cancer the summer before. Two dear friends of mine have children battling childhood cancers. Does anyone even know what color the awareness ribbons are for these horrific cancers?  I know, but I bet 95% of the population doesn't.

I received my invitation today to join the Strides Against Breast Cancer walk again this year.   I am a fan of David Jay and his SCAR project in which he does photographs of women who have breast cancer post surgery, not because it's an awareness campaign, but because of the women he photographs.  They have the gutts to say look at me... I am still beautiful but I am not extraordinary.

So I guess that's why I won't be doing Strides and will continue my support of Relay For Life.  They don't single a particular strain out but embrace living and thriving with all types cancer.

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